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Ministry of Beer

Posted by on March 4, 2011

I will be living in London, I am from Colorado, lived in Chicago for 8 years and Los Angeles for 2. I enjoy writing short snippits every once in a while, I love beer and I have an awesome Golden Doodle named Mattie. At one point I created a rudimentary beer scoring page. It is still active and I will be using it. I will probably be writing about these things regularly.

This is for me, if you end up liking what you see great, otherwise, meh.



Last 5 Beers Reviewed go to Beer List for full list
Brewery Beer Score
Budweiser123 Budeweiser123 23.0
London Fields Hopster 25.0
Belvedere Extatic 29.0
Brupond Ain'cho Mum's Porter 43.0
Last Beer Photo Approved
Top 5 Beer Producers
Username Score
admin 10750
werebeer 6250
anthromeg 4500
mankow 2000

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