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Brupond Ain'cho Mum's Porter

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Beer Information
Style: Robust Porter ABV: 4.2
Srm (Color): 36.0/40 IBU: 30.0/100
Headretention: 3.0/5 Turbidity: 3.0/5
Carbonation: 3.0/5 Thickness: 6.0/10

Scores Total: 43.0/50
Aroma: 9.0/12 Flavor: 14.0/17
Mouthfeel: 2.0/3 Overall Impression: 15.0/15
Appearance: 3.0/3

Sense Description Strength
Aroma Alcoholic None
Aroma Roasted High Strong
Aroma Banana (Esters) None
Aroma Apple (Esters) None
Aroma Citrus None
Aroma Berry None
Aroma Melon None
Aroma Green Apple (Acetaldehyde) None
Aroma Floral None
Aroma Hoppy None
Aroma Woody None
Aroma Nutty None
Aroma Grassy None
Aroma Grainy None
Aroma Malty High Mild
Aroma Corn None
Aroma Caramel None
Aroma Burnt None
Aroma Pharmaceutical (Phenolic) None
Aroma Stale None
Aroma Skunky None
Aroma Sweet None
Taste Sweet None
Taste Salty None
Taste Bitter None
Taste Alcaline None
Taste Coffee None
Taste Caramel None
Taste Corn None
Taste Spicy None
Taste Alcoholic None
Taste Tart None
Mouthfeel Metalic None
Mouthfeel Tart (Astringent) None
Mouthfeel Powdery None
Mouthfeel Warming None
Aroma Coffee High Medium
Aroma Sour None
Taste Chocolate None
Taste Sour None

Comment from: admin at: 2013-01-14 07:58:48
Mouth Feel:
Overall Impression: Great porter from a good upcoming brewery.

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