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What are these scores?

Some sites might lead you to believe that you can score a beer form 1 – 100 or grade it like an elementary school exam. Unfortunately beer is complex, its wonderful, its unique, and the drinker themselves is unique. What you taste is not what I taste, but we enjoy it nonetheless. Some of you back water folks might just love the smell of skunk, so you might just love the smell of Heineken, but I don’t, I like the smell of rich coffee and toffee, but you might detest that.

So the scores are you personal belief. What do you think about the mouth feel, is it weird, is it too thick, too thin. As well, they are weighted. Aroma and taste are worth more than mouth feel and appearance. Then overall impression, is how does it all tie together and how well do you like it. Ultimately the points come out to a maximum of 50.

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